Martin Luther King High School is a comprehensive public high school in Riverside, California. It is a two-time California Distinguished School and currently a part of the Big VIII League and ranks amongst the best schools in the area and the nation. It is the home of the Wolves King High Football program.

The 2017 season, is led by our new head coach, Pat McCarthy. Coach McCarthy was tenured as the head coach at Arlington High School before he was hired at Martin Luther King High School in early 2017. Our King High Football program is lucky to have Coach McCarthy. Both the players and community are looking forward to his leadership.

The Wolves Football Program is a valued and respected part of Martin Luther King High School and the community as a whole. The members of the team are active and involved members of the school. The summer and weekend events that our program organizes and hosts are enjoyed by all who participate and are designed to benefit local merchants and get the whole community involved. At Martin Luther King High School, writers at the school’s newspaper frequently write article about the Wolves Football Program to share and celebrate their successes with the rest of the school and the community. We always strive above all else to make sure that our program is beneficial to our students and our community.