At Martin Luther King High School, our Wolves Football Program runs as smoothly as it does because of contributors from our community who are willing to donate their money to our sports program. Our team isn’t just a high-school football team. It is a group of hard-working young adults who put an extraordinary amount of time, effort, and passion into the sport that they love.

Our goal is to keep our football program afloat in order to provide an environment for students to work together, grow, and succeed as players and as people. Just like our team is only able to succeed on the field through teamwork, our football program is only able to accomplish the things it does for our Martin Luther King students when parents, teachers, friends, family, and other members of the community work as a team to raise the funds that allow us to provide our players with everything they need to succeed both on and off the field.

The money we receive from donations contribute to the purchasing of equipment and transportation for our team members as well as the creation of the school-wide and community events we host. Any and all donations are valued and greatly appreciated by us here at the Wolves Football Program.